Salinas Quality Patis

With the knowledge of countries like Sweden and Turkey where salt is added to coffee, our salt scientists did a sensory together with baristas of Center for Culinary Arts Manila to research what kind of salt can best enhance the flavor of coffee. The selection was narrowed down to two and found that the salt with a higher potassium and calcium content won over the other. This gave birth to Alatisma, a salt that can neutralize the bitterness of black coffee. Apart from it being non-dairy, it can bring a creamier mouthfeel and hint of sweetness. As a health benefit, it can reduce the acidity of coffee and has no calories.

Alatisma in Manila Coffee Festival

From a hiatus of 2 years due to the pandemic, Manila Coffee Festival 2022 has returned once again in Fort Santiago, Intramuros. From coffee makers to enthusiasts to innovators, MCF welcomed all sorts of people to join and appreciate one of the most beloved beverages in our country, coffee. There was a coffee booth showcasing different flavors of coffee compliments from the regions of Sagada to Iloilo and even from Nueva Viscaya. From April 30 to May 1, between 4pm to 10pm, it was packed with people wanting to experience the event along with the concert of our local indie bands. Almost all, if not everyone, in the event had a good time. Our company had the privilege of having a space in the exhibitor’s area through our dear partner, Sourdough Café and Deli, that paved the way for us to share in their booth and be a participant in the event.

We are Salinas Foods Inc., a Salt Technology Company that develops and innovates all kinds of salt products. One may be thinking what does salt have to do with the event? To answer that question, not only does Salinas manufacture salt, but we improve upon it by researching a farming process to give it a higher trace mineral content compared to other brands which is almost 99.9 % Sodium Chloride. Our locally made sea salts have trace elements of Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and so on. Our products are of a different level in terms of nutritional benefit. Some examples are Baker's Secret Salt and Exalt Cooking salt that enhances and releases the natural flavor of the baked goods and dish respectively. These two products are being used by Sourdough Café and Deli since 2020. To answer the question about how salt is related to MCF, the answer to that is Alatisma salt for coffee.

Alatisma is a salt for coffee rich in Potassium and Calcium, making coffee not salty but beverage with an alkaline mineral content. Since those are minerals with higher alkalinity, these reduce the acidity of the coffee making coffee drinking better for people who have hyperacidity. Along with it, since acidity is linked with the sharpness for the flavor of coffee, it mellows down the bitterness as well. From our three days, we have found that people are far more concerned with the effects of hyperacidity in drinking coffee than the sharpness of taste. Notably, as many people found astonishing, brewed black coffee without any sugar or cream was mellowed down thanks to 1 gram of Alatisma. As an advocacy, Alatisma aims to help reduce the increase of diabetes among Filipinos and provide jobs to Fisherfolk Salt Farmers. Together with the comments of various people who again were amazed with the coffee not being salty, they felt that the coffee is mellowed down both in bitterness and in acidity.